NOPTIC NV3 Vehicle Mounted Night Vision Camera w/ LED Spotlight

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NOPTIC NV3 PSV-3000 (rotation gif)
NOPTIC NV3 PSV-3000 (side)
NOPTIC NV3 PSV-3000 (flyer)
NOPTIC NV3 PSV-3000 (comparison)
NOPTIC NV3 PSV-3000 (example 1)
NOPTIC NV3 PSV-3000 (example 2)
NV3 PSV-3000
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NOPTIC NV3 PSV-3000 Night Vision Camera

Increase Officer Safety at Night

NOPTIC enables police to conduct stealth surveillance at night. Law enforcement officers can turn off their spotlight and use the NOPTIC thermal camera to locate suspects without giving away their position. It is easy to view the live camera feed on your laptop.

Seamless Integration

Hand-held thermal imaging devices can spend 99% of their time in the trunk. NOPTIC is always on and ready to help you locate suspects. While on patrol, officers can scan large areas in complete darkness all from the relative safety of their patrol vehicle. The camera is designed to work with Windows-based MDT configurations. We include everything you need to record video on your laptop.

Built for Tough Use

NOPTIC operates in complete darkness and at temperature extremes of -40°F to 176°F.  It also has a built-in lens heater that activates automatically at temperatures below 40°F to keep the lens clear of frost and ice. The system has been tested heavily to ensure it is able to perform under tough use on patrol.

Quick Pan and Tilt

NOPTIC the one and only Spotlight Mount that provides quick pan and tilt capabilities required for successful surveillance.

Infrared Vision

The NOPTIC infrared detecting system distinguishes between very small differences in thermal (infrared) radiation, converts them to electrical signals, amplifies those differences, and reproduces them correspondingly in the visible light (video) range. Powerful advantages are achieved in being able to turn a pitch black night into a black and white TV image of the scene. Further applications will develop as your infrared knowledge and experience grows. You will soon recognize heat clues beyond the naked eye in both day and night conditions.

NOPTIC® mounts above the Unity Spotlight and can be pointed from inside the vehicle. The image is displayed on the officers laptop. A thermal image is an Image based on the heat signature of an object. It requires no ambient light and therefore can see in total darkness.

NOPTIC Advantages

  • Enhanced 36° x 27° FOV, F/1.4 Lens
  • Provides the powerful advantage of sight in the dark
  • Easily mounts on existing vehicle spotlight
  • Monitor perimeters of restricted facilities, night or day
  • Observe prowlers and criminals without their knowledge
  • NTSC video out for remote monitor or recording device
  • Quickly scan between buildings, alleys, or even under vehicles


  • Sensor Type: Uncooled Bolometer (Heat)
  • Image Type: Thermal (8-14 um)
  • Field of View: 21°
  • Resolution: 320×256
  • Sensitivity: 33 mK (NEdT)
  • Range: 1000 ft (man-size target)
  • Compatible Display Systems:
    • Windows PC
    • Android
    • LCD Monitor w/ NTSC
  • Dual Interface:
    • Digital – USB 2.0
    • Analog – RCA (NTSC format)
  • Power Supply: 9-16 volts (Surge and reverse voltage protection)
  • Size: 58 x 56 x 72mm
  • Temperature Range: -40° – +85°C
  • Defrost Capability: Electric (automatic below 0°C)
  • EMC compliance: 47-CFR 15 Sub B (certs on file)
  • Mounting: Unity Spotlight Enclosure

NOPTIC Thermal Camera Specifics

  • Police cruiser spotlight mounting allows precision tactical use
  • No startup delays – system is always on
  • Utilizes passive IR technology to prevent blinding
  • Image output at 320x240 resolution

General FLIR Performance Characteristics

  • Long range
  • 360° rotation
  • Sends live video feed to on-board screen/laptop
  • Intrinsic enhancement of living objects
  • No glaring or blinding

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NOPTIC NV3 Vehicle Mounted Night Vision Camera w/ LED Spotlight