CHOICE™ PTT/Mic (Tier 2) IP65, 3.5mm Audio Port, Wireless PTT Capable

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CHOICE™ PTT/Mic (Tier 2) IP65, 3.5mm Audio Port, Wireless PTT Capable
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CHOICE™ PTT/Mic (Tier 2) IP65, 3.5mm Audio Port, Wireless PTT Capable

The CHOICE™ PTT/mic has a 3.5 audio port and will work with all N-ear 360™ earpieces (with a 3.5mm connector). The CHOICE™ PTT/mic has a side PTT (Push-To-Talk) and a premium direction microphone on the top with a Braided Fiber Cloth™ cord going to your radio. If you currently wear an earpiece that connects directly to a speaker mic, the CHOICE™ PTT/Mic works the same way (no speaker). When you use an earpiece connected to your speaker mic, it turns off the loudspeaker on the speaker mic. Using the CHOICE™ PTT allows you to ditch your speaker mic and switch to a lighter and more flexible communication setup.

The CHOICE™ PTT/Mic (Tier 2) is IP65 and is Wireless PTT Capable, and compatible with N-ear's Bluetooth Wireless PTT (Push-To-Talk). Users love the flexibility of a second PTT on a steering wheel, handlebars, vest molle straps, belt loops, or guns. The Wireless PTT works independently from the CHOICE™ wired PTT. Replaceable coin cell battery and stays charged for months.

The Braided Fiber Cloth™ cord is extremely comfortable and durable with a 90lb pull-strength and a simple 1-Wire setup.

EF Johnson - K1

Viking 5000 Series - VP5230, VP5330, VP5430

Viking 6000 Series - VP6230, VP6330, VP6430

EF Johnson - M3

Viking VP600, VP900, 5100 ES, 51SL

Harris - HR2

P5300/5400/5500 Series - P5350, P5370, P5450, P5470, P5550, P5570

P7300 Series – P7370, P7350

XG Series – XG-15P, XG-25P, XG-75P

Harris - HR3

XG100P, XL185P, XL200P

Icom - I4

IDAS - F3261D, F4261D, F52D, F62D, F3400D, F4400D

P25 - F9011B/F9021B, F9011S/F9021S, F9011T/F9021T, F7010/F7020


Network - IC-SAT100

Marine - M85

[14 Pin]

Kenwood - K

NEXEDGE/DMR - NX-1200/1300, NX-3220/3320/3420

DMR Only - TK-D240/TK-D340

Analog - TK-2170/3170, TK-2317/3317, TK-2360/3260, TK-2400/3400

ProTalk - TK-2400/3400, TK-3230DX

Kenwood - K1

NEXEDGE/DMR/P25 - NX-3200/3300, NX-5200/5300/5400

NEXEDGE Only - NX-210G, NX-200G/300

P25 Only - TK-5220/5320

Motorola Solutions - M12

APX Series - 8000, 7000, 6000, 4000, 3000, 1000, 900, SRX 2200, NEXT

MOTOTRBO Legacy Series - XPR6300/6350/6380, XPR6500/6550/6580

MOTOTRBO Series - XPR7350/7550/7580, XPR7350e/7550e/7580e

Motorola Solutions - M15

MOTOTRBO Series - XPR3300/3500, XPR3300e/3500e

Motorola Solutions - M3

Astro25 - XTS1500, XTS2500, XTS3000, XTS3500, XTS5000

Motorola Solutions - M4

Waris Series - HT750/1250/1550, MTX

Motorola Solutions - M5

Waris Series - EX500/560/600

Motorola Solutions - M20

Motorola R7

Sepura - SP2

SC230 Series, STP8000, STP9000, STP9100, STP9200

Tait - TA

TP7100/8100 series, TP9300/9400 series, Harris TP3300/TP3350

Product Features

  • 3.5mm audio port for use with any 3.5mm earpiece
  • Braided fiber cloth line – 90lb pull-strength
  • Replaceable coin battery (CR 2032) (Up to 3-year battery life)
  • Wireless PTT 2.4 GHz BLE (sold separately)
  • Connectors for most radios
  • 1-Year Warranty
CHOICE™ PTT/Mic (Tier 2) IP65, 3.5mm Audio Port, Wireless PTT Capable

CHOICE™ PTT/Mic (Tier 2) IP65, 3.5mm Audio Port, Wireless PTT Capable

$99.99 - $149.99