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Power Control Systems

  • 091-165-12.jpg Auto Charge 12, 12 Amp, 12 Volt Battery Charger System
    The Auto Charge 12 is a fully automatic battery charger for vehicles with a single battery system. Unique electronic sensing circuits sense the true battery voltage while eliminating the need for external sense wires. When the battery is fully charged, all charging stops. There is no overcharging and no water boil off. It is ruggedly constructed for mounting in the vehicle. (Multiple battery systems also available- call for details)
  • Powercontrolsystem Auto Charge 12 High Output, 20 Amp, 12 Volt Battery Charger System
  • 091-187-12.jpg Auto Charger 1200 w/ Built-in Bar Graph
    This is a 40 Amp, high output charger for faster battery recharge. There is no trickle charge and therefore no danger of overcharging and water boil-off. It features remote electronic voltage sensing, which eliminates sense wires. It is available with either a built-in or remote bar graph battery charge level indicator.
  • 091-187-12-remote Auto Charger 1200 w/ Remote Bar Graph
  • PDU42WB.jpg Power Distribution Unit with shut down timer
    Power Distribution Unit with screws and built-in watch dog unit designed to provide a safe and central power distribution to all electrical devices, reducing the need for independent wire runs within the vehicle. Each circuit can be individually fused further reducing risk of damage to devices from circuit overload. The PDU unit provides constant, ignition and timed outputs to meet all operational requirements. Each fused output has a red LED to inidicate a blown circuit fuse or equipment problem. The timed outputs provide the ability for automatic shutdown of devices by a user selectable timing circuit of 2-minutes to 13-hours (after ignition key removed). This will allow for vehicle left with mobile radios, modems, computers to shut down power before causing the battery to be run dangerously low.
    Dimensions: 5.9" w x 1.5" h x 12" l
  • ADT30A.jpg Electronic Anti-Theft Module
    Electronic Anti-Theft module, permits the removal of ignition key while the engine continues to run. For Crown Vic and Impala.
  • power-control-system-d.jpg PDU-8S Power Distribution Unit

    This power distribution unit provides you with the power inputs and the power outputs that will enable you to have an organized and reliable display of powered equipment.

    • Monitors battery voltage
    • Preserves enough charge to start your vehicle
    • Automatically disconnects battery

  • yellow-power-thing.jpg Chargeguard Auto Shut-off Timer

    ChargeGuard works by automatically turning mobile equipment on when you start the engine. When you turn the engine off, the equipment stays on for an adjustable period of time, then is automatically disabled.

    • Self-contained unit that provides intelligent circuit protection for a vehicle’s power system
    • Protects mobile electronics from voltage anomalies
    • Programmable timer cuts power to electronics to prevent dead batteries
    • Regulated by a programmable timer
    • Prevents dead batteries
    • LED indicates under and over voltage conditions

  • kussmaul 15 amp 120 volt Auto Eject, 15 Amp, 120 Volt Weatherproof

    • Automatically disconnects shore line power
    • Designed specifically for emergency vehicles
    • Eliminates broken shore line connections
    • 2 year warranty
    • Super series are fully sealed for maximum dirt and grime protection

  • kussmaul 15 amp 120 volt Auto Eject, 20 Amp, 120 Volt Weatherproof Cover
  • 091-55-15-120-.jpg Super Auto Eject, 15 Amp, 120 Volt
  • 091-55-20-120-.jpg Super Auto Eject, 20 Amp, 120 Volt
  • dual-porter.jpg USB Dual Port

    • Dual USB Charging Ports
    • Quick and easy way to recharge electronic devices in a vehicle
    • 3 Amps max output allows charging of both an IPad and IPhone at the same time
    • Built-In LED Indicator indicates device is powered
    • Designed for easy installation in vehicle switch panels
    • Reverse polarity protected
    • Can be connected to 12V switched ignition or directly to battery
    • 3 Year Warranty

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